19 August 2014


1 & 2. First day in Finland a few weeks ago, stayed at a hotel in Hämeenlinna with my dad and our room had the most beautiful view from the balcony where we sat and had our breakfast 3. The day we went to Suomenlinna with Iines, the weather was so lovely the whole time I was in Finland 4. ootd
1. Our cat had 7 kittens when I was back home 2. I was so happy this moment, I like to keep this picture to remember how I felt when I took it 3. My new, finally, working phone, and it's soooo pretty 4. bored waiting for the kids to wake up
1. First night in Berkhamsted with Iines 2. Of course we had to haha 3. Selfies with the homie and my new hat 4. So sad to be alone again after amazing few days with my bestie here with me


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