12 September 2014

Dinner with au pairs

Yesterday after work I met up with a few local au pairs from Austria, Germany, Denmark and France for drinks. We went to 'Here' café here in Berkhamsted and some of us ordered a cocktail and something to eat, I took a mojito and the soup of the day, it was so good! We sat there talking for a few hours and then decided to go to the crown because the café was closing, we sat there for a few hours more and then we all left home. It took me awhile to get to bed tho.. My host dad usually locks the door from inside every night, and yesterday he didn't realize i was still out, so when I got pack at half past eleven, I couldn't get in. I tried sending them both a message but they didn't notice them and I didn't have any call time left... At some point after trying to open the door with my key for the 1563th time, I started knocking... After like a half hour the grand mom of the kids, who luckily happened to be visiting, heard me and opened the door, haha. My host mom woke up at about 3am and panicked wondering where I was when she saw the text, she didn't realize I got in. And this morning was filled with 'I'm soooo sorry's' haha. But I actually didn't mind that much because I was kinda just laughing the whole time.


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