31 August 2014

Weekend in Berkhamsted

A few pics of the weekend from my phone, on thursday me and my neighbor went out for a few drinks, it was really extempore but so worth it! We met a handful of local people and ended up chatting with them for the rest of the night. Friday night I was babysitting, but from saturday morning until sunday evening I had the house for myself, I skyped with my friends for a ''few'' hours haha, then my neighbor came over for some wine before we went out to the local pub where we met up with our friends. Found home after 2am and decided to skip a trip to Cambridge on sunday with the other au pairs from my town, instead I skyped with my best friend from home again and just had a proper lazy day with movies. Tomorrow I'm probably going to Hemel back and forth at some point since I have the day off. I'm just so excited for the weekend! On saturday I'm going to a book signing in London to meet my favorite youtuber(!!!!!!) and on sunday we are going to an au pair picnic with a few girls from my town. 


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kia said...

OMG var du på Alfies booksigning?! Såg videon därifrån o de va ju helt crazy! :D I mean 7000 personer?! Goooosh!