1 September 2014

This summer I have..

... traveled to Brighton with my mom, went to a Miley Cyrus and Little mix concert, spent a lof of time with my friends, family, working, partying, moved to England, went to Wireless festival and spent a lot of time in London with amazing new friends.

Because it's officially the end of summer now I thought it'd be cool to look back at what has happened this summer.. This has definently been one of the most eventful summers in my life so far, the beginning of the summer I was in Finland with friends and family, I also worked for a few weeks, but most of the summer I spent in England, which is such a weird thing to say, I've almost lived here for three months now and I still don't really understand that I live 30 minutes outside of my dream town.. This summer was so good to me and I'll never forget it.


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