10 December 2014

Lately through my phone

1. Boring outfit in Hemel 2. A day in London with good friends and better sushi 3. Went to Brighton with my faves 4. Of course my dad sent me this haha

1. Spent a crazy night in Watford with my friend from back home 2. Pink lady haha such a cutie 3. Friday night at the local pub 4. Sightseeing, for the 1216737th time for me

1. Sunshine 2. Made proper gingerbreads 3. She likes father christmas a bit too much I think 4. Happy happy with my christmas jumper and a new job

1. Another ootd 2. My mom came to visit me and by the time she left I was a jacket, hat, gloves, pyjama bottoms, slippers and a pair of shoes richer 3. Scrambled egg on toast, oh so british 4. Found this amazing antique hair jewelry at the Portobello road market in Notting hill, obsessed

Hi guys! Sorry I've been MIA pretty much a month now, I'm trying to update as much as I can but still not let it run my life. Lately I've just been enjoying life a lot. Friday evening we had a pre christmas party with my friends and we had sooo much fun, the next few days my mom was here which was fun also. Today it was back to reality and everyday life, we watched two Harry Potter films at my house, preparing for next monday (((((we have tickets for the studio tour)))) two more to go! The weekend is fully booked also, friday I have to work & babysit, saturday I work in the morning and evening and between that we're going to London with a few girls. Sunday I have my first day at my part time job, I'm so nervous but excited.

The week after this I work normally on the weekdays and the weekend also with some babysitting and at my part time job, then I have to work tuesday morning but after that IM JUMPING ON A PLANE TO FINLAND! Going to spend christmas with my family and new years eve with friends, I'm so happy. Then after a few weeks I'll come back and continue my life here and that also makes me really happy.

- Jasmine

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