16 December 2014

This past year..

Have you done something in 2014 that you've never done before? Lots, but the biggest thing is that I moved out and to another country on my own.
Which countries have you visited? Sweden, Estonia, Finland and well England.
What's been your biggest success this year? Getting a part time job here in England.
Something that's made you really happy? All my new friends here and old one's in Finland, everytime I'm in London I am so happy and my host kids usually make my day by being so adorable.
And sad? My graduation and saying goodbye to all classmates.
Which songs remind you of 2014? On top of the world by imagine dragons is def the song of my year.
Have you been happier or sadder compared to other years? So much happier.
What do you wish you'd done more? I honestly can't come up with anything, I've done zoo much this year it's crazy. 
And less? Miss home because it'll always be there.
Did you fall in love this year? No.
Favourite tv show? Faking it.
Favourite movie? The Harry Potter films obvs haha.
Favourite book? Paper towns or just basically anything from John Green.
Someone you've missed? My friends and family in Finland.
The best new people you've met? All my au pair friends! And my host family.
Biggest wish right now? To come up with what to do with my life.


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