28 August 2014

Feels more like home

It wouldn't feel like home with no books. I had a really hard time choosing which books I would take with me. And it feels less lonely with pictures of friends. The pictures remind me that I'm not alone in this world. The 'empty' frame will hopefully get some photos of my boyfriend.
I've started to love these glass jars lately. I want to buy more and more of them, but i just don't know what to fill them with.
I'm obsessed with all these Mymlan table wares. I just think that the moomin-character is so cute and charming.
I've started to like old tree furniture. And this bureau was in this apartment when I moved in. It has a lot of place in it, so i use it for all my school papers, pens and other things like that.

And one of the most important thing, my bed. I love my bed. Here was a bed when I moved in, but it was small and uncomfortable, so I'm happy to get to sleep in my own bed from Porvoo. It makes all this feel more like home.