27 July 2015

Mumford And Sons, Wilder Mind

I never tried to trick you babe
I just tried to work it out
But I was swallowed up by doubt
If only things were black and white
Cause I just want to hold you tight
Without holding back my mind

- Tompkins Square Park -

Been wondering for days
How you felt me slip your mind
Leave behind your wanton ways

I want to learn to love in kind
'Cause You were all I ever longed for
- The Wolf -


Just take a minute take a breath
Lay down your head on my sunken chest
I saw a flicker then just smoke

But as you left I was calling your name at the night
I thought we were done
And young love would keep us young 
- Just Smoke -

But even in the dark I saw you were the only one alone
And I can't be for you all of the things you want me to
But I will love you constantly
There's precious little else to me
And though we cry, we must stay alive
- Hot Gates -

- Iines

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