17 July 2015

Summer Bucketlist

Go to a festival with your bestfriend
Stay up until the sun comes out
Get more tanned than last year
Kiss someone cute
Work your butt off doing something you love with amazing people
Make new friends
Laugh until your stomach hurts
Sleep in a weird place, like for example, in a car

Travel somewhere with someone you like alot
Go swimming in the middle of the night
Take lots of pictures of everything you see
Go camping somewhere you've never been
Travel around in Finland
Get a new tattoo of something that means alot to you
Go on a roadtrip with your bestfriend
..Still to do.


1 comment:

Carita Liljendahl said...

Kul att hitta tillbaka till din blogg efter en tid!
Njut av den ledighet du har innan studierna börjar.