11 September 2015

This summer I..


..Went to a festival and slept in a car with my best friend. (And saw lots and lots of cool artists live)
It was as horrible as it sounds haha, I woke up in a hot car at probably 8am and just went outside of the car and fell asleep there for another hour, haha.


..Met some really cool people, like finnish artists and accidentally ran into cool youtubers, and Isac Elliot, haha, basic. And made lots of friends through my jobs.

Btw the story behind this picture below is so funny, I'd enjoyed a bit of wine, you might say, and he had had something else I'm sure, but somehow the two of us managed to have a proper conversation about something so random and to this day I still cannot remember about what, ahahaha.


..Had some guests over from all over Europe.
Showed them around where I live and grew up, they fell in love with Porvoo.


..Been all over in Europe, like London, Paris, Brussels, Holland and Estonia.
My absolutely favourite place I've been to this summer was definitely Amsterdam, it was so pretty, I'm definitely going back one day.


..Spent time with people that are important to me.
Met some for the first time, some I spend almost everyday with and some people I see a few times a year but are just as important to me.


I couldn't probably count on two hands how many times I've enjoyed some wine this summer.. I've had a great time though.


..Partied some more.
Best. Picture. Ever. Haha I laughed so hard I cried this night.


..And more, whoops.
I even went out in Helsinki a few times this summer, which is very rare.


..Saw my sunshines live for the third time.
They were just as amazing as ever.


..Traveled a bit around in Finland, for example I've been to Pietarsaari, Lahti, Karjaa, Loviisa, Tampere, Helsinki, Kotka and Naantali this summer.


Den här sommaren har varit en av de bästa här tills, jag har en så fin familj och vänner runt om kring mig hela tiden och jag har allvarligt talat varit hög på livet hela sommaren igenom, så mycket nytt och otroligt har hänt.

I can honestly say this has been the best summer of my life so far, so much has happened and I've been so happy, at one point I was working like crazy but I loved my both jobs so I didn't mind, I've just been enjoying the finnish summer so much this year. I'm so lucky to have the best friends and family in the world.


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