10 September 2014

Last few days

Last weekend I went to a book signing with two german au pairs in London, or kinda, we didn't even get in because there was sooooo many people, click HERE to see how crazy it actually was, it starts at about 2:30. We gave up after 3h and just went to costa for a coffee and hung out in London for a few hours.
I've been skyping a lot with my friends, we can sit somedays 5 hours on skype, we don't even talk all the time, kind of just hang out.. or play games, sigh. Anyways it's nice when you're feeling a bit homesick. Not that I have been lately that bad, I've really settled in here now.

We've also been out a lot in Berkhamsted with some of my local friends a few times. It's so nice here to go to a pub, because you never end up sitting alone, I've met so many new people here. Also there's like 12344523 different pubs here so we're planning on going on a pub crawl one day. Just like go for one drink at every pub.

Last sunday there was an au pair picnic in London again, first I met up with a girl who I know from Finland, and then we went together to the picnic. There we met a few more finnish girls, I know you're here to talk english, but it's so nice to talk your own language once in a while, especially because I even found a few swedish speaking finns. They took pictures there again this time and I'll probably post them on here when they put them on their facebook page :-) Otherwise life here has been good, I meet new people and see new places all the time which is cool and the family I live with is awesome, so I can't complain.


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